5 Tips on How to Wash Your Face When You Have Sensitive Skin

Every woman always puts facial skin first. If you have good skin It’s even more confidence building. but for people with sensitive skin No matter how confident you choose makeup, you can lose anyway. The more you face pollution and PM2.5 dust that may cause clogging, acne, and also irritate our beautiful skin. 

If you have sensitive skin, you can try talking to your healthcare provider. And choose products that do not contain ingredients that cause allergic reactions. Facial foam It’s the best product for you. It’s an option for you to use.

Therefore, the cleaning process is a matter of importance. and meticulous as much as possible especially people with sensitive skin Should choose a cleansing foam for sensitive skin that is most gentle on the face. and clean properly Today we collect 5 tips to clean your face for girls. with sensitive skin to help clean deeply Remove makeup completely No matter how heavy the dust, smoke and pollution It doesn’t make you lose your confidence. Dare to show clear skin to the fullest. 

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1. Choose products that are suitable for sensitive skin especially :

It is the first step for cleaning the face thoroughly. Because if we know what is suitable for the skin What kind of skin do we have, dry, oily, dehydrated or sensitive skin? It will make washing your face more effective, especially for women with sensitive skin who have symptoms ranging from rough skin, redness, itching to allergic rashes. skin irritation

Sensitive skin care Sensitive to irritation must start from the cleaning process. and choose products that are especially suitable for the skin Especially cleansing foam for sensitive skin. First, make sure that it is gentle on the skin. It does not contain substances that cause irritation such as alcohol, perfume, synthetic colors, etc. More importantly, besides helping to gently cleanse the skin. The moisture balance must always be maintained with the skin. because the more dry the skin The sebaceous glands produce more oil to moisturize the skin. It turns out that our faces work harder than before, so the girls must always keep their skin moisturized. After knowing what is suitable for our skin Maintenance is not difficult anymore.

2. Passed the verification test. Increase the confidence that you will not lose for sure :

For girls, washing your face or wiping your makeup is one of the daily routines that have it all. Because every day girls have to wear makeup or at least apply sunscreen. But whether you’re wearing full make-up or light make-up, on a casual day, you should keep your face clean.

Therefore, choosing a face wash or makeup remover is absolutely essential. In addition to choosing the one that is suitable for your skin type. It should be certified as safe. It has been tested by a specialist dermatologist to be suitable for sensitive skin. Does not cause skin irritation or other side effects Increase confidence for people with sensitive skin to be able to use without worrying about allergic reactions.

3. Wash your face properly:

Wash your face properly More than half won! Washing your face is not important. In addition to preventing clogging of pores, reducing acne, also helps to remove dirt. Pollution from everyday life as well

The prohibition that girls should know is “Do not wash your face with warm water” because washing your face with warm water will make your skin very dry. The skin immediately becomes unbalanced. It is best to use normal water with normal temperature. for sensitive skin If you lose easily, you have to be more careful. Must choose a cleansing foam that is gentle on the skin. or cleansing foam for sensitive skin that does not contain substances that cause irritation

The properties of a good facial foam, besides being moisturizing and having a pH value that is suitable for the face. There are also nonionic surfactants. This group of substances is very gentle on the skin, but no bubbles. When we wash our face with a non-ionic cleansing agent After washing the face, this substance will be completely washed off with the dirt that has accumulated on the surface of the face. When there is no charge to stick to the skin Thus, it does not clog pores. Does not cause allergic reactions or irritation. Importantly, after washing, the face is not dry and tight.

While washing your face, you should massage the foaming cleanser for sensitive skin all over your face for about 1 minute to cleanse the oil and dirt that may be left on the skin. However, girls should not wash their face too often, 2 times a day is enough.

4. Use a toner to wipe your face after washing your face:

A toner is a lotion to wipe the skin. Acts to adjust the skin and pores to be ready to be nourished. but for people with sensitive skin Toner is the cause of our skin irritation without knowing it. Because there are chemicals and alcohol mixed in, so using a foaming cleanser for sensitive skin is enough. but if anyone still wants to use a toner to wipe their face Should choose a product that is safe, quality, and gentle on sensitive skin.

5. Absorb the face properly. and nourish the skin after washing the face:

Who would have thought that wiping your face was another step in washing your face, so don’t neglect this importance? because of wiping the face in the wrong way It may harm our faces without knowing. The best way is to use a clean cloth gradually. Blot the face as gently as possible. and should immediately apply facial cream while the skin is still damp. No matter how good the nourishing cream is It cannot create healthy facial skin for us if the face is not clean. Therefore, wash your face thoroughly. So it’s a very simple and unusual first step. Importantly, keep in mind that Must choose a cleansing foam for sensitive skin that is gentle on the skin. and When washing your face The next step is to apply the cream.

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