5 Ways to Make Your Vinyl Banners Eco-Friendly

Banners made of soft, flexible, and highly durable vinyl material are designed to last for 7-10 years (at least). Small business owners can use these banners as store signs or as promotional tools at events repeatedly over several years. However, there’s one small challenge with using banners made of vinyl – they’re not recyclable.

Vinyl and polyvinyl chloride are both non-recyclable and non-biodegradable materials. They’re also super-durable – that’s why banner-makers use these materials. However, if individual users or business owners don’t use them for long periods – they end up in landfills. Landfill waste is an issue that concerns all members of society.

How Can Businesses Reduce Landfill Waste?

The US plans to achieve a recycling rate of 50% by 2030. Currently, that rate is only 32%. Only 8.7% of all plastic waste generated in the US is recycled every year. Technically, banners made of vinyl and polyvinyl chloride fall in the “plastic waste” category. These banners have an average lifespan of 10 years.

So, the question is – why make vinyl banners spend up to ten years or more in landfills? Yes, these banners are non-recyclable and non-biodegradable. But, their durability and flexibility make them highly reusable. Banner owners can delay the need to dispose of them by engaging in different recycling or upcycling efforts.

Here are five ways individual users or business owners can deal with their unwanted vinyl banners in an eco-friendly way –

1. Convert Old Banners into Bags

Do you know knitting? Do you know people who know knitting? People who can operate needles and threads can easily convert old banners into hip waterproof bags. In fact, many tote bags in the market are made of water-resistant vinyl. Instead of buying these bags, with a touch of creativity, you can convert your old banners into cool tote bags.

2. Give them Away for Free to Other Business Owners

One business owner’s trash is another business owner’s treasure. This old saying applies to vinyl posters and banners. Most small business owners need to install eye-catching posters and banners inside their stores. If you give away your old vinyl banners for free – you’ll find many takers in your local business community.

3. Donate Them to Schools

Banners made of high-quality vinyl are great at protecting walls, floors, and even carpets from water damage. Local schools, nurseries, and educational centers are always in need of such solutions. Vinyl banners clean easily so the teachers love using them as well.

4. Create Outdoor Seating Covers

If you own outdoor furniture, you know how badly rain can damage those items. You can easily convert old vinyl banners into waterproof furniture covers. You can also cover your outdoor cushions with these vinyl posters. Vinyl will prevent these outdoor items from getting damaged by surprise showers.

5. Transform them Into Tarps

Many business owners melt their vinyl posters and banners to transform them into tarps. Vinyl, being a strong and waterproof material is often used to manufacture tarpaulins. So, the tarps you make from your vinyl posters and banners will certainly be super-strong.

Start making your old vinyl banners eco-friendly today!

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