About SolarEdge’s EV Charging System

Industries of all types have been moving towards greener solutions and renewable energy sources. Solar power is a common sight in most neighborhoods and continues to be a popular home improvement project for many homeowners. With the rising cost of gas, electric vehicles are also increasing in popularity, allowing drivers to charge their cars instead of filling them up at the gas station. But what if you could combine these two technologies and start running your car on sunshine? Well, thanks to industry leader and innovator SolarEdge, you can do exactly that. Keep reading to learn more.

The World’s First EV Charging Solar System

You’re familiar with charging stations if you own an electric vehicle already. You have one in your garage and likely have encountered them in some parking lots for business complexes and other large facilities. However, electricity costs are rising just as rapidly as gas prices these days. Do you really want to pay a large electric bill to charge your car?

SolarEdge’s EV charging system is specifically designed to plug into your vehicle and charge your car using the power produced by your rooftop solar panels. This dedicated charging station allows you to meet a large power need with a dedicated source, which helps to better control and direct the flow of power through your home for maximum efficiency. Plug your car in when you get home, and the charging station will use either active solar power or stored power from a battery bank to charge your car and ensure that it’s ready for you the next day.

Energy Efficiency Charging

The SolarEdge charging station is all about efficiency—not only in its use of renewable energy but in its ability to use less energy altogether. SolarEdge’s EV charger uses 40% less energy than a standard EV charger when it’s in standby home, which can help reduce your overall energy usage. This charger is ENERGY STAR® certified.

Compatible with Most EV Types

SolarEdge’s EV charging station is designed to be versatile and flexible and is compatible with all common EV types currently on the market. It is also rated for both indoor and outdoor use and offers a large selection of cable lengths. Regardless of where you park, this ensures that you can charge your car using the SolarEdge charging station and run your car on sunshine every day. By combining solar power with your electric vehicle, you can feel a little better knowing that you’re leaving the world greener than you found it.

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