Aleksandar Mitrović’s scoring record

Aleksandar Mitrović is a famous Serbian forward who spent most of his career in England. Here he played for “Newcastle” and “Fulham”. By the way, 1xBet betting sites Pakistan covers the EPL matches and games of lower divisions in detail. Therefore, you can follow them and make regular bets.

In the 2021/2022 season, Mitrović obtained a unique achievement. He had 43 accurate shots in the Champion’s League. This is the best figure in terms of performance in the last 50+ years. The forward had a great season and the most important thing is that Fulham finished in the first position in the Championships thanks to his performance. 

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The 2021/2022 campaign was the best of Mitrovic’s career. He felt the confidence of the coaching staff, fans, and partners, so he was able to have an outstanding season. He looks especially contrasted with the last campaign, where he did not help “The Cottagers” keep their place in the EPL. By the way, it is easy to follow and make money on the team’s current matches at

In the 2021/2022 season, it was around the Serbian forward that all the team’s attacks were built. His partners regularly gave him passes, which the player converted into accurate shots. It is remarkable that the forward maintained a good form all season long. He did not care about the opponent’s status. He stayed equally effective in all matches. Now you can follow “Fulham” matches on 1xBet and do not miss anything important. Here the confrontations of this team in all tournaments are covered.

The secrets of Mitrovic’s achievement

In the Championships, the Serbian forward gained confidence and was able to start showing his best soccer. He had plenty of space and time to make decisions. This has also had a positive effect on his scoring record. By the way, even now it is easy to follow his team at a reliable office. And there’s plenty of gambling entertainment available at

As for Mitrovic’s record, it was made possible by:

  • the ability to choose the right position;
  • good play on the “second floor”;
  • the skill of covering the ball with the body and getting it through;
  • the right shot.

That season, the Serbian showed all of his strengths. The most important thing is that everyone finally believed in him. This had a positive effect on the player’s psychological well-being. 

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