Attract Attention with Perfectly Written Media Pitch Subject Lines

When a company plans an important product/service launch, all the marketing department is busy composing a proper press release. There are many key points to summarize, spread the key message, choose the right tone, and present eye-catching images.

Another thing to pay attention to is a powerful subject line to pay attention to your media pitches. If your subject line is boring, the journalist will ignore your press release, and you can forget about coverage.

Below, you will find many useful tips on how to compose perfect subject lines for your press release to boost journalists’ engagement.

What Does a Perfect Subject Line Look Like?

Let’s have a look at what subject lines are considered perfect by publishers. The following tips will definitely help your press release stand out the competition:

Keep a subject line short

When you keep your subject line short, you demonstrate respect for the publisher/journalist. Many studies prove that long and complicated subject lines reduce your chances to get published. Ten words (44 characters) is enough to compose a nice subject line.

Clar ideas

We recommend you to label your email with the words “press release” or “pitch”. You will give a journalist a clear idea that there is a potential story to publish. It is a way to pay attention to your work. Note that journalists hate releases which are too salesy. Keeping the fluff to a minimum will increase your chances.

Monitoring of spam filters

If you are an average consumer, spam filters make your life easier. However, if you work as a professional PR manager, these spam filters can transform your work into a real nightmare. Make sure you avoid salesy words: “limited time”, “sales”, and “offer”. Also avoid using too many capital letters or emojis. Otherwise, you risk ending up in a spam folder.

Make email personal

Do you know that a personal name is the most essential sound? It is a famous saying by Dale Carnegie. So, if you want to catch the maximum attention of your journalist and future readers, you must compose a personalized email. Always mention a person’s name.

Additional Tips from Experts

  • It is essential to spare enough time for composing a proper headline. It is as important as your entire content plan.
  • After drafting the press release, as well as media pitch, you need to write from 3 to 5 different subject lines. The next step is to narrow down to two results.
  • Pay attention to the sender name. You can send a letter from your company or use a personal email. Note that personal emails have higher chances to be accepted.
  • Some marketers follow the trends in order to grab journalists’ attention. For instance, they add COVID-19 to their email subject line. They hope that this will help to make the press release more relevant. However, if you abuse such trends, there is a chance that a journalist will open your release and will not find any information related to COVID. As a result your email address will end in the blacklist.

The Best Media Pitches Examples

The following media pitches examples will help you accomplish your press release must faster:

  • Press Release: The most trusted bikes in the world
  • Onyx & Co extends its worldwide presence with a new club in Milan
  • 80% of Americans believe that crypto have big perspectives
  • New York-based startup, NUX, raises $75 million to enter the markets

Final Thoughts

Always keep in mind that all successful journalists have limited time. They receive hundreds of emails per day. Your goal is to make your message clear. Your press release aims to express the news value and the significance for your target audience. We hope that all mentioned tips will help you accomplish the task easier and with better outcome.

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