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With the proliferation of e-commerce sites, online consumers have the luxury of being able to choose the shops from which they wish to order. However, the act of purchase is no longer simply influenced by the product or the price, but other issues, such as the values ​​of a brand will be taken into consideration by the customer. Questions such as” Where do the materials come from?” What is the packaging made of? Does the e-tailer offer eco-friendly delivery options?  are becoming more and more common. Brands are becoming aware of this and are increasingly adopting a truly eco-responsible approach. It is quite possible (and desirable) that the year 2022 will be marked by new initiatives…

Growing business based on online market

A lot of businesses have been growing because of the simplicity of the internet. If your product is good, and is selled well your business is surely profiting. One great example is CBD. because of the legalization in Canada, you can literally mail order pot if you really want to. This all because of the accessibility and the features technology has given us.

Circular Economy

On the same subject, parcelLab predicts that more online brands will opt for a circular economy model. At its core, the circular economy is based on the idea that everything should be designed to be reused and shared, rather than thrown away. For example, when the product becomes obsolete, it can be dismantled and the spare parts used for other purposes. Or even more, after use, the product can be repaired and redistributed by the e-merchant. IKEA and Bricorama have launched new initiatives to repair, reuse or recycle products. The circular economy model is a sustainable initiative for brands, but it can also bring commercial advantage through savings in production and supply costs.he circular economy along with second-hand shopping is likely to become more popular in e-commerce in 2022 and we can only welcome that.

The subscription model

It is common knowledge that acquiring customers is much more expensive than retaining them. So it’s no surprise that brands are getting inventive in trying to retain their customers. The rise of online shopping has allowed brands to implement a new type of loyalty program: the subscription model. The customer chooses one or more items that he consumes regularly, chooses the frequency of purchase and the brand does the rest. Many sectors have taken over the model and it is therefore possible to have flowers, bottles of wine, dog toys, jewelry or even fashion items delivered monthly. This has the advantage of allowing the customer to have peace of mind knowing that they will automatically receive the products they regularly consume or receive a surprise in their mailbox each month.

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