CBD and the Moon Cycles

Women’s periods have been tied to the Moon cycles for literally millennia. Before modern science came a long way to explain that a woman’s cycle is driven by changing hormone ratios, menstruation was thought to follow the phases of the Moon. At Moon Mother you can find perfect CBD products that will help you get through your menstrual cycle with ease. If you want to learn more about CBD, the Moon cycles and Women keep reading this article.

After all, the Moon controls the great oceans Why shouldn’t it also affect the female body? For this reason, some people believe that it is possible for a woman to go through two fertile periods during her monthly cycle: the first is during ovulation, and the second depends on the fertile period determined by the Moon. It is said that women in the past, who lived outdoors, away from any artificial light sources, ovulated on a full moon, and their period began on a new moon.

But the case with modern representatives of the fairer sex is not like that, and their natural rhythm is largely influenced by artificial light and other anthropogenic radiation sources.

To the Moon

The lunar fertility theory was presented by Dr. Eugene Jonas. In the 1950s, Dr. Jonas tried to find an explanation for why so many women get pregnant when they shouldn’t – outside of their ovulation period. This fact led Dr. Jonas to think that perhaps women have more than one fertile period during their monthly cycle.

Some doctors who are keen on astrology investigate this side of the matter. Not surprisingly, some are initially skeptical and view the facts from a medical and scientific perspective. Since, this theory cannot be confirmed with modern arguments – many scientists reject the idea of ​​two fertile periods in the month and even call it “nonsense.”

However, a British study found that men’s sperm count increased significantly during the lunar-fertile period. According to another study, women abstaining from intercourse during ovulation and their lunar-fertile period are 98% more successful in preventing unwanted pregnancy than others. In comparison, the efficiency of “guarding” during the biological, fertile period is only 75%. CBD can actually help reduce pain during menstrual periods, it can calm down your anxiety and mood swings.

Myth or reality?

Although the connection between the Moon and our bodies is not yet fully realized and proven, the fact that we are affected by its phases remains unquestionable. The easiest to understand example is that our mood and emotions peak during a full moon. It is why CBD oil can help us tone it down a notch. 

This theory is also supported by the fact, that doctors and nurses who work in emergency rooms and ERs claim that their busiest night shifts occur precisely when the Moon is full.

Women and the Moon 

The connection between the woman and the Moon is not only ancient but also much stronger. Midwives also claim that most babies are born on a full moon. Tracking the menstrual cycle against the phases of the Moon is one of the most ancient forms of a menstrual calendar. It is even believed that the first calendars were based precisely on the notes of women who tracked their menses against the lunar phases. But in parallel with the transition from paganism to Christianity, humanity moved from the lunar calendar (consisting of 13 months, every 28 days, totaling 364 days) to the solar calendar. Many women decide to return to the lunar calendar to track their periods, while others use it as a supplement to their main menstrual calendar. They also find it helpful to use the moon as a guide to their cycle because it provides them with a visual representation of the progress of their monthly cycle.


To understand the lunar fertility cycle, you must first understand the cycle of the Moon. It’s very simple, every month the Moon goes from new moon to waxing Moon to full Moon and waning Moon to reach the starting point – the new Moon. Directly related to this is that, on average, a woman’s menstrual cycle lasts about 28 days. Of course, there are exceptions – it is norma to see it vary from 25 to 34 days. The lunar fertility cycle works on the principle that you can conceive in whatever phase of the monthly cycle, the Moon was in when you were born. For example, if the Moon was waning at birth, after the onset of menstruation during puberty, you will be fertile whenever the Moon is waning. Some say that the reason for this fertile phase is that the Moon triggers certain biochemical and hormonal conditions in your body, which then continue to affect your body throughout your life. To find your fertile lunar phase, all you need to do is find out what lunar phase you were born. Dr. Jonas’s theory states that the sex of the child can also be determined by the astrological sign the Moon was in at the time of conception. Of course, this statement could hardly be proven and lies rather in the area of ​​pseudoscience. Since the lunar fertile cycle lasts 28 days and your period most likely does not, it is possible to be in the fertile phase twice during your cycle. Some researchers believe, that lunar fertility may be to blame for spontaneous ovulation and may explain why so many women get pregnant despite being safe during their biological ovulation. But it is also possible for the two fertile periods to coincide. Everything written so far falls into the realm of alternative medicine and can hardly be proven or disproved. But here’s some scientific data. According to a study of 826 women with normal menstrual cycles between the age of 16 and 25, about 28.3% of them started menstruating around the new Moon.

Each woman can track the phases of her monthly cycle, compared to the phases of the lunar cycle, and draw her conclusions. With CBD you will be able to handle yourself much easier. At Moon Mother you can find high-quality CBD and hemp products just for that purpose. 

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