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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Extra Storage Space in Your Kitchen

Are you seeking to expand your kitchen? Perhaps you wish to add extra storage spaces in your cramped kitchen. Kitchens have lots of hidden spaces you can turn into storage spaces. Turn every wall, corner, behind the cabinet doors, and hidden spaces under the sink area into storage solutions. Reach into every nook to uncover the goodness of a storage-packed kitchen.

Maximize your kitchen space with the following creative storage ideas.

Create Boundaries in Your Drawers

Drawer dividers max out your drawer spaces. Dividers and organizers provide order and prevent your cutlery or spices from being jumbled up in your kitchen drawers. Conceal your spices by investing in creating a racked or divided drawer. The racks will hold all your cans or spices in an organized manner. You can label the containers and let the labeled part face you for easier retrieval.

Display Your Pans

Got an empty wall space above the stove? Add sturdy hooks that can support your cooking pans. You can create a curated pan display if you want a visually appealing storage solution.

How about a ceiling? Remember, pots are heavy. So mount your pot racks to the ceiling beams for extra support. You may need to let a kitchen remodeling contractor help you create solidly built ceiling-mounted pot hangers.

Unutilized Spaces Under the Sink

There are lots of hidden spaces under the sink area. Don’t ignore these spaces. Install shelves to hide away cleaning supplies, pans, or pots. The space beneath the sink often houses plumbing pipes and fixtures. Hand over the task to a kitchen remodeling contractor if you’re not confident about your hammering or installation skills.

The area can also house pull-out drawers or racks. Ensure it slides out smoothly and displays all your supplies. You can also stack bins and baskets in the space. The bins and baskets come in different shapes. Hence, you can pick a shape and size that fits the space.

Corner Drawers

Corner drawers let you exhaustively use the corner spaces in your cabinet or cupboard without any obstruction.

You’ll need to work with exact measurements and dimensions to create an effortless corner drawer.

Fridge Organizers

Do you always have to move your food or containers to create more space in your friend or freezer? A well-organized or partitioned fridge will help create extra storage space in your fridge. Use fridge organizers to carve out a space for each item your store in your fridge. You can use clear containers, shelves, and drawers. You can also get stackable wine storage to store your wines. Label each organizer.

Optimize Behind the Doors

Install a knife rack behind the cabinet door. Create cutting board storage solutions to store your chopping boards. The door spaces can also store your lids and pots.

Open Shelve Above the Sink Area

Do you have a blank wall above the sink area? Install an open shelf or multiple shelves above the sink. You’d want something functional and airy. Open shelves make the wall feel unobstructed.

Use the space to store items you use daily.

All Built-In

Built-in storage creates tidier storage solutions in your kitchen. Instead of placing the paper towel on the countertop, carve out a built-in space for the paper towel under the kitchen island or a lower cabinet under your worktop station. Ensure it’s horizontal to avoid wasting lots of cabinet or island space. Put your kitchen appliances in built-in storage solutions.

Drawers Over Cabinets

Drawers create lots of additional spaces than cabinets. If you prefer cabinets, use pull-outs to ease access. Also, it is easier to organize drawers than cabinets. You can store more items in the drawers than in cabinets.

Final Thoughts

Extra storage solutions in your kitchen will make the kitchen less cramped. Use the extra storage to hide all chaos in your kitchen. You will get storage solutions to hide your pots, plates, and cutlery crowding your countertops. You’ll also get a spot for your knives, lids, cleaning supplies, and tools. The rack in your drawer will keep all your teas or spices concealed. User dividers and organizers to make your drawers and fridge tidier. Pull or roll-outs will make it easy to access items stored in dark corners or deep cabinet spaces. All in all, you can’t have enough storage space in the kitchen.

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