Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Earthing

There is a saying, “Nature naturally gets it right.” This goes well with earth. Animals just follow their instinct, fine-tuned with the environment. More often than not, the human brain overrides instinct. They are to pursue a ‘modern’ lifestyle. What that entails is subjective, and that’s good. But what is not subjective is that we can not outwit nature’s law. Our body is made of 5 elements from and within nature itself. We all belong to nature only. That is the place all journeys start from. Earthing stands for the ultimate connection we share with mother nature. 

Why is Earthing Important?

Electric charge is all around us though we can’t see it. It is all around us from the ground up. That is a good thing, but not too much of it. If too much charge accumulates in your body with nowhere to go, that can create an unnatural state and an overload. You can experience static electricity in your body when the hair suddenly ‘stands up’ when touching a metal causes shock. 

Generally, there is a mild natural positive charge present in the air. Anything with an electrical current can raise the charge to unnatural levels. It includes the cables, plugs, chargers powering all our gadgets and lights, and home appliances. The closer you are to electronics, the more your body has the chance to become electrically charged. However, an elevated state of charge in our bodies is common. Especially when we are in close contact with electronic items, we can not replace gadgets in today’s world. To compensate for it, health enthusiasts recommend using earthing products.

Contrary to that, if someone lives close to power lines, they can be exposed to greater voltages. Now the question is would the positive charge kill us? The answer is no. But we will be running around with an elevated charge level in our bodies. Nobody knows at what point that can cause a health issue or affect the body cells. That is why coming in direct contact with the earth is essential. 

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More About Earthing

The human body restores to a natural and neutral state of balance, exchanging electrons from the ground. This process is instant and measurable. It is as simple as putting your feet on the ground or using earthing products. Earthing is not anything high-tech or a new concept. You do not need to do the act of earthing round the clock either. Start with a 10-15 minute earthing, and you shall start experiencing positive life changes. 

Earthing and Electronics

We are somewhat electrical beings. The human heart pounds and cells throughout our bodies use electrons and send signals to the brain. Grounding physics applies to us just as it applies to electronic gadgets. Earthing is important for both our computers and us. Earthing is beneficial as the earth, being a good conductor of electricity, acts as a path for the flow of electrons which escape the insulation. More so, the gigantic size of the earth paves a path for a safe discharge of electric charges. 

Bottom Line

Earthing Products such as earthing mats help us be grounded. Also, earthing is responsible for stress lessness, better intuition, improvement of mental and physical health, and overall good health. Start barefoot walking (preferably in the morning), and a better life waits for you. 

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