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How Do I Switch Careers From Geology to Business?

While it may seem like an unlikely move, you might be surprised by the number of employers who would welcome a geology major into their business team. Not only do geology majors have extensive experience with computer software and numerical calculations, but they’re also comfortable with technical issues and are adept at balancing and integrating a wide variety of objective data. In addition, geology majors often boast excellent writing and oral communication skills, which are both valuable in a business setting. Those skills are highly valued by employers and are often sought after by geologists.

If you’re considering a change of career path, a geology degree provides a rich foundation in many different fields. Some require graduate education, while others require only a Bachelor’s degree. Many geologists work in oil and gas exploration and in fuel and petroleum industries. Others may choose to teach geology at universities, where they can work with diverse groups of students and gain hands-on experience.

Another way to make your move from geology to business is to take up an internship in a company that offers such opportunities. While many geology students will begin their professional careers working for others, the best way to advance from entry level positions to more senior positions is to prove yourself by doing well in your entry-level position. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Try to work on several different projects to gain a variety of experience.

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