How to Expunge a Felony in South Carolina

If you’ve been convicted of a felony in South Carolina, you’re likely wondering how to expunge it from your record. Fortunately, there are three main options for expunging a felony record: pardoning, sealing, and expunging. Read on to learn about each of these options. And be sure to contact a criminal defense attorney if you have any questions.

To get your criminal record wiped clean, you must first meet the eligibility requirements for expungement. You must have completed a qualifying application, which you can obtain from our six locations. You must have also obtained a disposition sheet from the court, and you must pay a fee for each fee separately. Your Solicitor will then submit your application to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division for review. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division must approve the application before it can be removed from your record.

There are some limitations to this process, however. Expungement is only available for first-time, nonviolent crimes. It is complex, but a qualified criminal law attorney can help you get the expungement you deserve. If you’ve been arrested for a felony, don’t let it stop you from pursuing a life of freedom. By hiring a criminal defense attorney, you’ll be well on your way to a fresh start.

Another way to expunge a felony in South Carolina is to enroll in Pre-trial Intervention. This program, which is offered to first-time, nonviolent criminals, requires participants to pay monetary or community restitution to victims. Successful participants are able to expunge their records, and thus, regain their status as a free and independent person.

Whether or not you need to hire an attorney to expunge a felony in South Carolina, you’ll need to follow the law closely. You should complete the appropriate application, which you can download here, and submit it to the court. You’ll also need certified copies of any dispositions, which are filed with the Magistrate Court, Municipal Court, and Clerk of Court in the county where the crime took place. Newspaperworlds is the most important website for any amazing news.

Pardons are not always possible, but they’re available for people who are eligible to apply for one. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for this type of expungement, and you must be completely out of the criminal system before applying for a job. You’ll also need to prove your rehabilitating abilities, which may take several years. If you’re a person who is interested in learning more about the process, contact a criminal defense attorney today.

Another option to expunge a felony in South Carolina is to complete a pretrial intervention program. This program allows the court to dismiss your case without a trial. After completing the PTI, you’ll be eligible to expunge the record. In addition, if you’re convicted of a crime like stealing a check, you must wait a year before you’re eligible for the expungement.

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