How To Improve Your Jeep Wrangler For Off-roading

Jeep Wranglers have a rich history when it comes to off-roading. The Jeep brand is renowned for its tough, durable parts. Indeed, Jeeps are synonymous with the off-roading scenario and one of the consumers’ top choices when considering backcountry adventuring. Even out of the factory, Jeeps have a reputation for fortitude. Still, there are ways to improve your Jeep Wrangler for off-roading.

Increase Your Horsepower

Horsepower and torque work together to help your Jeep perform. While the torque will get the vehicle in motion, horsepower will help to maintain speed and control. Consider these elements when climbing over a boulder or trying to climb out of a steep stream bed and then investigate the buying guide – Jeep Wrangler horsepower to settle on the right upgrade for you.

There are lots of factors that can improve horsepower and torque, including:

  • Air Intake Upgrade
  • Throttle Body Spacer
  • Modified Exhaust
  • Custom Tuner
  • Exhaust Headers

Inspect Your Suspension

Your suspension system is a protective lattice of shock-absorbing elements that not only serve to protect the vehicle’s integrity but also ensure a comfortable ride. When investigating your suspension, you’ll want to consider all components, including shock absorbers, springs, linkages and tires. Check out the buying guide – suspension brands so that you can evaluate the differences between Monroe and KYB equipment. While both are capable, you might realize that some aspects of one suit your Jeep better than the other.

Invest in a Lift Kit

A lot of people consider a lift kit essential for off-roading. Lift kits allow for more clearance for tires, and allow the application of bigger tires, both of which are important for handling bumpy terrain. Lift kit heights range from 1.5 inches to six inches. They also provide your vehicle with not only lift but balance and can increase clearance, approach angle, departure angle and break-over angle options.

Consider Front and Rear Bumpers

Bumpers act as the stable mounting point for the winch. They offer hearty protection and also facilitate the installation of lighting systems because they provide more space. They also make your Jeep look the part, rugged and ready for business.

Install a Winch System

A winch can be the difference between  extricating yourself from a sticky situation or spending the night in the woods. It offers slow, controlled power and is capable of towing or pulling thousands of pounds.

Protect Your Jeep’s Interior

Seat covers can protect your Jeep’s interior against things like mildew and UV light discoloration. Examine this product – seat covers page to see the latest in military-grade fabric that is both durable and comfortable. Good seat covers are easy to keep clean and won’t interfere with airbags or map pockets.

If you want your Jeep Wrangler to be ready for the rugged terrain of the backcountry, consider all of the upgrades that you can get that can add to your pleasure, ability and safety while off-roading. They can be the difference between a happy experience and one wrought with frustration. Visit an online auto parts store to see the latest in Jeep Wrangler parts and accessories today.

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