How to Work in an Agile Environment

Moving to an agile environment is a huge cultural shift. It requires employees to make major adjustments in their daily routines. While the change might seem beneficial on the surface, it may be difficult to make it stick. There may be employees who need privacy for their work, or who feel their status is threatened by the loss of their corner office. They may also question where to keep their personal belongings. To help ease the transition, consider using some tried-and-tested strategies.

Agile workplaces encourage flexibility and transparency. Teams that adopt this method have more freedom to change priorities and adapt to new information. Agile teams also require streamlined guidelines and processes. Employees are encouraged to ask for input and accept changes. Furthermore, employees who are part of an Agile environment are more likely to be willing to work together across departments. And while these changes may be difficult, they are likely to be better received by co-workers and customers. This is the chance to also start learning how to hire internationally and prepare your team for global expansion.

An agile workspace should also include areas where employees can relax and unwind. Employees who feel happier at work are more likely to perform better and produce better results. Some people resist the move to shared workspaces because they believe it will disrupt the work environment. In addition to providing better workspaces, shared workspaces can also include communal areas, a social atmosphere, and cool lounges and recreation areas. These benefits are worth the initial investment.

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