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The International General Knowledge Olympiad will take place this year on September 6 and 26. All Classes 1 to 10 take the test, which only has one level. Since general knowledge is such a broad subject, choosing what to study might be challenging. For this, we need to understand the exam’s format, the categories under which questions are posed, the importance assigned to each category, the exam’s pattern, and its curriculum.

Olympiad exams help to determine a child’s aptitude and true potential, which may enable them to do better in today’s highly competitive environment. There are many other olympiad exams like NSEJS, NSTSE, NSEP, NSEC etc. Those exams are National Standard Examinations. In this article, we will discuss the International General Knowledge Olympiad preparation tips.

Preparation Tips for International General Knowledge Olympiad

  • Collect your resources

In addition to your textbooks, you’ll need to collect literature on IGKO 2020 for the particular class. You may learn more about the test formats and question types in this way. Obtaining information online, such as test questions from prior years, is also beneficial. Always start gathering information in advance to prevent rushing about just before the deadline.

  • Establish a study schedule

The next piece of advice on how to prepare for the IGKO 2022 test advises students to create a comprehensive study schedule and allocate time to each component according to its weight. To keep your mind sharp, schedule time for your interests and hobbies.

  • Create graphs and sticky notes

Students should underline key ideas and take brief notes while learning. They can quickly review the complete curriculum with the aid of these notes.

Additionally, students need to create charts and sticky notes outlining crucial ideas. Paste them on the closest wall, so they’ll be easily accessible, and you may review them while doing other things. This is the finest method for making memories last a long time.

  • Study the SOF guidelines

For the IGKO 2022 test, students should use the SOF-recommended literature. For each student in the class, SOF has recommended about 5 books. These books are available as PDF downloads. Additionally, students can obtain a physical copy of these online. The cost of books begins at Rs. 80.

They can also consult other general knowledge books for more information in addition to these. To prepare for the science, social science, and literary portions, download the NCERT books for the appropriate class.

  • Practice

By evaluating the available possibilities, you can find the answers to several questions. You must attempt all of the questions, even if it will take some time. You must practise developing speed in your performance for this. When you have time, practise with sample question papers and take practice exams.

Sections of International General Knowledge Olympiad Exams

General awareness

This section is given the most weight (50–55%) because it is the most significant. The broad themes from your school’s curriculum are covered in this area, which receives the highest scores. These topics are mostly from courses like social studies, the universe and the world, science, technology, and language.

Current affairs

Another significant element of the IGKO is current affairs, which is weighted at about 15%. This includes queries on current events, sports, and entertainment. External news sources like newspapers, television, or any other media that keeps us up to speed on global events can cover this the best. The age of the participant is taken into consideration while drafting the questions.

Life skills

Character development includes the development of life skills. Since it is totally dependent on life skills, including effective communication, empathy, numerical ability, reasoning, decision-making, and interpersonal and interpersonal skills, for IGKO, this portion, which has a weightage of 10-15%, is extremely scoring. Although they may seem difficult, these are just basic skills that you need in everyday life.

Achievers section

Despite having just 5 questions, the achiever’s section is essential for the IGKO score. They have more weightage because each question in this part has  2 or 3 marks (for Classes 1-4) ( for Classes 5-10). This part comprises HOTS (High Order Thinking Skills) questions that are identical to the problems in the aforementioned syllabus but more challenging.

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