Important Digital Marketing Techniques Everyone Should Master

Developing a successful marketing strategy is often the most important element for a business. Any brilliant idea can fail if it is not properly presented to the audience. Online marketing allows you to significantly reduce the cost of promoting a product and at the same time get closer to the consumer. But there is one problem: due to the fact that electronic media is rapidly developing, who understands modern technologies and can adapt to trends faster than others. In this article, we will talk about the most important of them.

1. Voice search

According to Google, in the past few years, more than 50% of searches on mobile devices were made using a voice assistant. A recent NPR survey showed that the number of smart speaker users has grown by 135% over the past two years.

However, it is important to understand that optimizing programs for processing text queries is different from optimizing programs that work with voice. People speak to voice assistants the way they would speak to a real person. Consequently, they are more likely to use colloquial intonations and extended sentences. These technologies are also used by modern casinos and betting companies that seek to gain a new audience. The resource nationalcasino कसीनो is especially popular – here you can not only bet but also earn good money.

Google over the past few years has updated its search algorithm and integrated a neural network for natural language processing BERT. The goal of these updates was to shift from keyword searches to more “conversational” queries. Indeed, often instead of looking for “the best places to shop,” people ask: “Where are the best dresses sold?”. Users tend to include their location in voice queries, so adding your location to your list of keywords will help increase your product’s visibility. In general, the more accurate a product description you provide, the more likely it is to catch the eye of consumers using voice search.

2. Blocks with quick answers

Some time ago, search engines began to display blocks with quick answers on the query results page, which display the most relevant information according to the algorithm. This is the information that voice assistants like to read out when users ask them questions.

Quick response boxes showcase key information from top search results. H-tags sewn into a web page will help you to use this tool most effectively. They help the search engine highlight key information and complement it with a relevant, attention-grabbing image.

Interestingly, if the search does not display a block with quick answers, 26% of clicks are on the first link. However, if a quick response block appears, 8.6% of clicks go to it.

It is important to remember that quick response blocks have their downsides. Since search engines show answers to questions on top of search results, this can lead to users not clicking on the link at all. Therefore, it is important to interest the audience, and to involve it in a more detailed search on the site. This can be done using keywords in the main message.

3. Augmented and virtual reality

To date, the most famous platforms that use augmented reality are Snapchat and Instagram.

Millions of people use AR technology every day. Unfortunately, it would be very difficult for brands to persuade the audience to download the next application, so it is much more reasonable to use already popular platforms to sell their products.

Virtual reality is often used in the retail and beauty industry to show customers how a particular product will look on them. Home décor brands give the audience a chance to see how certain furniture will look in their home. People who have “tried on” a product in VR are more likely to purchase it and less likely to return it. A survey conducted by VRScout found that 53% of people are more likely to purchase from a brand that uses virtual reality.

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