Managing the mental health in students

Why is mental health necessary to be addressed?

The concept of mental health defines emotional and psychological as well as social well-being of every individual and how it is affected as a result of outside forces. It is important to understand that mental health does not have any particular age and can impact individuals of all ages and sizes. Considering the case of the educational sector it is important to highlight that in the last few years there have been several cases which have showcased how the students have been impacted as a result of the covid-19 thereby causing a negative impact on their mental health.

Covid-19 pandemic not only brought about changes in the schedule of the students but also made it difficult for them to go out of their houses and resume normal life. The students were forced to change the educational medium to online education without being provided with any adequate initial report. It is the cause of this reason; many of them reported feeling issues of anxiety and depression along with being faced with panic attacks. It also found that many of the students were treating the covid-19 issues themselves with their close family members being affected by the disease and suffering from the same.

Each of these aspects have a significant negative impact on students’ mental health which is reflected in the way they received education in the classroom and how they behaved. students were found to be unable to concentrate on what was being taught in the classroom by the teachers and many reported not being able to communicate properly. each of these issues reported as a result of Mental Health deterioration.

The support provided by teachers to help support the students

The educational Institutions as well as the teachers, Swing understood the gravity of the situation and immediately started working towards developing strategies that can provide support to the students. At this time the Teacher’s realized that in order to be the best platform for selling courses to the students it was of immediate importance that essential steps were undertaken so that the mental anxiety being faced by the students could be managed.

The Teacher’s undertook the first step of communicating with the students by working towards developing strong relationships where the students could easily open up to the teachers regarding the issues they may be facing at home. the ability of the students to be able to talk about the issues provided them with the needed support and help in reducing their anxiety.

Another important step that was undertaken by the teachers was to work towards initiating meditation classes with the students who were taught about the importance of centering their mind. Through this initiative it became possible for the students to be able to manage their depression and anxiety and work towards reducing the stress. This was easily reflected in the way the students should start improving in their studies.

Besides these approaches undertaken by the educational institutions and educators, many entrepreneurs also confirm that by developing applications with the students we provide it with the use of modern technology that could help them in relieving their stress.  In this situation it became important to outline the development of the best platform to launch course so that it can provide better support to students suffering from mental issues.

Most of these online applications consisted of innovative and interactive games that were developed with the sole purpose of helping decrease the anxiety of the students and enabling them to increase their concentration. The steps undertaken have a positive impact on the students enabling them to increase the concentration in the classroom and thereby start performing efficiently.

The role of parents

At a time when the educational sector is becoming more and more competitive, irrespective of the natural disaster or cutting across the world, the students are always in a state of anxiety and depression. This is because the students are always feeling the need to complete as it would provide them with better opportunities in the future. In such situations it is the role of the parents to provide support to the students and rather encourage them to be appreciative of the journey.

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