My Tea Plantation Walking Tour in Munnar with Thrillophilia

The magnificent Munnar tea plantations are like a piece of heaven plucked from the sky. Every traveller must visit these magnificent tea gardens in Munnar, which are perched many feet above sea level and boast hazy skies above and lush meadows below. The numerous tea plantations, which cover countless acres of land, are likely to entice you with their alluring beauty and charm. If not, they will always have a steaming cup of tea available for you to enjoy while you continue to admire the idyllic surroundings in front of you.

Munnar has at all times been on of the top of our priority list since our marriage but we were not able to plan for it. Recently my husband came across many Thrillophilia Reviews and made up his mind to surprise me with the trip to Munnar. He booked the tickets and the package online effortlessly from Thrillophilia’s website and told me that he also got to save a lot on the prices by getting discounts.

One of the most significant goods grown and manufactured in Munnar is tea. Tea thrives in Munnar’s beautiful natural setting and climate, and this walking trip will take you around one of the local tea plantations. The travel tea set is perfect for hiking, trekking, and excursions. Not only can it be used as a faithful companion, but it can also be suitable for a sweet and tasty cup of tea during a nap to complete the hike.

Our English-speaking tour guide was waiting for us at the entrance to the Kanan Devan Hills Plantation, where native Tata Tea is produced and shipped all over the world. As the lovely aroma of tea in all its varieties wafted around us, our guide explained us about the history and culture of Munnar in relation to tea and this estate. Taking the tour from Thrillophilia gave us a chance to enjoy our time in the midst of the lush greenery around the high rise mountains of Munnar and then spend some of the amazing time taking a tour of the wide spread tea estates.

We got a chance to capture some of the stunning photographs as well as smell some soothing aromatic tea types. During this tour, our guide helped us to get into the tea factory and told us more about the process of tea making from te leaves. We were also served with some of the refreshing teas during our testing tour. The tour gas uides were very helpful and experienced as they took us through every bit and pieces of the factory and the estates. The guides were very friendly and helped us in capturing some of hte stunning views of our with the alluring scenery in the  backdrop.

On 4WD jeeps, we spent the entire day touring the tea farms, first stopping to talk to the local women who gather the tea leaves and then learning how the tea is prepared at the nearby factory. The British tried to end the Chinese monopoly on tea by starting commercial tea manufacturing in India. Large tracts of land were taken over by the British East India Company and used for the massive production of tea. At the edge of the tea estates is where we met the jeeps to begin the day. We couldn’t have driven our bus on the plantation’s rough roads because we were touring Kerala as a group. As soon as we boarded our vehicles for the day, we began a lovely journey with breathtaking views of Munnar’s tea farms and valley.

Because the route is unpaved, it may be a bit bumpy; just hold on and enjoy the trip! We discovered during our journey that tea plants, which appear to be shrubs but are actually trees that may reach heights of up to 4 metres, are kept low to make it simpler to select the leaves.We had the chance to meet some of the women who work as tea pickers while visiting the tea estates, and they demonstrated the process to us. For the more fragile tea plants, all the leaves are manually picked; for the rest, a machine is used. Although each woman is required to gather a minimum of 13 kg of leaves each day, the tea pickers typically gather between 100 and 120 kg.

The ideal location to do so is still in Munnar, where former British colonials used to travel to escape the intense heat of India. The climate up in the hills is very different from the low-lying areas around it.

In Munnar, we could unwind ourselves while taking in breathtaking views of the valleys and tea plantations, enjoy pleasant weather, and flee the oppressive heat of India.

We would like to give a big shout out to the reviews pof thrillophilia as they helped us to get an insight of the tour before even taking one. And trust us, the tour was exactly the same as per the Thrillophilia reviews.

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