Radiate Your Charm with These 5 Mens Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses embody a vagabond spirit that is difficult to pin down in one place, much like the wearers who may casually like to sport them on their days out. They are a pair of eyewear that can be deemed to be a lifestyle more than a simple accessory. With a relatively modern design, these sunglasses can be the most charming addition to your daily looks, even when you have spent little to no time getting ready. Sporting a smart pair of mens wayfarer sunglasses is a sure way to dress up your look, even when it is a basic colour palette.

If you’re out to run errands or going for a trek, wayfarer sunglasses are endlessly versatile when it comes to their style quotient. These sunglasses are not simply meant to offer a fashionable upgrade to your silhouette, but also offer maximum protection from the sun. The very name of these sunglasses implies someone looking for adventure, and when you are eternally outdoorsy you also put yourself at risk of sun damage. The large lenses of wayfarer sunglasses keep radiation and sun damage at bay making it the perfect companion for your adventures. Therefore, if you are looking to own your own pair of mens wayfarer sunglasses to radiate that effortless charm, here are some options to choose from.

Tapered Classic

This pair of wayfarer glasses is one that can help you start at the basics and if you are averse to taking too many fashion risks for your first pick. Different from the casual mens wayfarer sunglasses, this pair and its temples curve towards the face rather than rest on the ears. The snug and aerodynamic fit is a new addition to the classic design which can often be misconstrued as an Oakley. The light blue lenses are also a change from the classic black, giving it that much-needed pop of colour.

The Grey Squares

Wayfarer glasses rimmed in grey are always one of the most reliable ways to add a touch of rustic and rugged style to your look. These sunglasses and the green/black tinted lenses are the classic choices for almost all kinds of eyewear, but the lightweight grey frame is a new touch to the wayfarer design. Since wayfarers have branched out into many designs for all kinds of lifestyles, this particular pair of wayfarer sunglasses is best suited to those who like light and durable pieces rather than thicker frames.

A Vintage Symphony

A luxurious and vintage-inspired take on the modern wayfarer sunglasses, this pair is one that can become your favourite piece to wear for every occasion to become the head turner in the room. Laden with an old-world charm, these brown, tortoise-shell-inspired wayfarer glasses are an ode to the golden age. The style gains authenticity due to the double brow line, which is a feature often found in older designs.

A Class Apart in Brown

While most mens wayfarer sunglasses are meant to be playful and approachable, this pair is one that can send a room into silence as soon as you walk in. Radiating an aura of dignified brilliance and grace, these wayfarer glasses are the best accessory to a special occasion or a business meeting. When you need to leave an impression in a high-stakes client meeting or business golf, this pair of wayfarers keeps you approachable but with a touch of class that sets you apart.

The Lightweight Vagabond

This pair of wayfarer sunglasses is the ultimate example of modern alterations to a modern design. The design of a standard pair of mens wayfarer sunglasses is a uniform thickness of frame across the entire body of the glasses and dark lenses to go with it. The lenses are squared and made to cover all of the eyes for complete sun protection. This pair, however, does away with the uniform frame thickness and juxtaposes the thickness on the front frame of the lenses with the wired lightness of the temple and temple tips.

Hence, wayfarer sunglasses are a must-have for those who like to play up their daily wear ensembles and never know when their next adventure might begin. To buy your own pair of wayfarer glasses, you can head over to Titan Eyeplus and explore their range of stylish wayfarers that are available in endless designs at great prices.

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