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Space-saving items that can make a difference in your home

A compact home doesn’t necessarily mean you have less space. Most people are opting for a minimalistic approach. Open and big spaces are the newest trend. Since more people were confined to their homes in the past few years, people have realized that they do not need cluttered spaces. With the time spent in homes going up and the need for open spaces also on the rise, there are a few tricks that can help you save space. Here are some of them.

  1. Shoe racks – Shoe racks are generally big and bulky and occupy more space near the entrance of the house. To combat these issues, you can go for a shoe rack that is wall-mounted and closed to look like it is a part of the wall. A niche in the wall can solve this problem to a great extent.
  2. Sofa cum bed – Get yourself a sofa that can be pulled out and turned into a bed. This saves a lot of space during the day and you have a double bed that comes in handy when you are entertaining guests.
  3. Study units – Whether you are aiming for a home office or looking for a corner where the kids can study peacefully, a study unit should be compact and unobtrusive. You can look at a design that folds into the wall and has storage behind the table. You can also look at study units that come joint with bunk beds and have plenty of storage options.
  4. Floating racks – If you feel that you do not wish to occupy any of the carpet areas in the house, then you can look at installing floating shelves throughout the house. These shelves look great and ensure walls are used instead of the space on the floor.
  5. Lofts – Lofts are one of the most underutilized features in homes. You can extend the loft and have a cozy reading corner or even make space for a library. Get yourself a comfortable mattress and a side table to settle in on the loft and enjoy some alone time.
  6. TV units – The trend of complicated TV units is gone. People prefer simple floating shelves with a wall-mounted TV and well-organized cables behind them that make the space look neat and tidy. The TV unit is independent of the showcase around the house and that makes the space automatically seem bigger. A TV stand design that is minimal and accommodates only the TV looks the best.
  7. Sleek beds – Storage beds are all the rage right now. The convenient option of hydraulic beds that can be opened with just one hand without much of an effort is a boon. The beds occupy very less space and yet give the comfort of a king sized bed.
  8. Lighting – Are you a fan of accent lighting in a room? Here is a trick you can try instead of using lamps all over the house. Try using chandeliers or ceiling lights to illuminate dark corners instead of lamps that take up space. You will get a similar or a better effect and you won’t end up losing out any space on the floor.

These items can help you save space and make it look more elegant.

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