Taking Care of Your Scrubs – How to Keep Them Clean

We all want to stay clean and tidy at work for longer. Clean, medical workwear speaks of professionalism and is a crucial part of hygiene. Stains on an apron or tunic are not only a bad sight but can also carry various bacteria. Sometimes even if you have tried diligently to remove them, you have not achieved the desired result. If you are looking for scrubs, made of high-quality fabrics, click here. If you want to learn more about cleaning your medical uniform, keep reading this article.

Whether a doctor, nurse, or veterinarian, you know how quickly tunics and all medical workwear get dirty. The good news is that there are ways to fight stains effectively and keep your uniforms clean and fresh for longer.

Here are some tips in this direction. When washing for the first time, wash separately before wearing your medical workwear for the first time. Wash it with cold water mixed, with half a cup of vinegar. That will help set the color so that it can withstand any harsh stain removers you use in the future. Treat the stain as quickly as possible. Treat local stains before washing thoroughly, as soon as possible after they appear. 

As a general rule, wash any protein-based stains (blood, vomit, feces, urine) from the fabric with cold water before applying detergent. For stains that contain oil or discoloring, don’t rub, as this will only push it deep into the fabric, helping it spread. Wash as quickly as possible after the staining. That will reduce the chance for it to dry.

Specific Stains and Dealing With Blood

Hydrogen peroxide breaks down proteins in the blood, making it your ideal solution. Simply pour directly onto the stain and use a cloth or tissue to rub. Rinse with cold water only. 

Urine, and vomit

Scrape any matter from the fabric, then soak in a mixture of water and ammonia to break up the stain.


Apply vinegar and let soak. Rub gently, then wash off. 


Rubbing alcohol can help remove non-permanent ink stains. Just be careful not to rub, as rubbing can spread the stain: making matters worse.


All medicated stains should be treated with warm water and a strong detergent. Dish soap also works well in these cases.


Sprinkle with baking soda to absorb as much of the liquid as possible. Treat with detergent and wash with water. Taking proper care of your workwear will give it a long life. By treating the stains, as quickly as possible, you could maintain a professional appearance at work without the need to change your medical uniform every few months. But when you need it, you can order from our quality-assured work clothes, designed entirely to your taste.

Your schedule may be full of work commitments and stressful, but that’s no excuse for neglecting your appearance. While wearing medical workwear is established in hospitals, that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out with a pattern and style without breaking the rules. At ScrubBox, you can find medical uniforms made of innovative fabrics that can get cleaned up easily.

Choose a comfortable and properly sized medical tunic 

Tunics are the most preferred medical workwear, and the reason is that they are comfortable and practical. It’s easier to choose a model that fits your figure and taste.

For example, with a V-neckline, a square-cut model that allows the body to breathe freely, with interesting pockets or decorations – especially suitable for pediatricians, etc. Being comfortable while wearing your work clothes is key. Choose the model so that it does not complicate your work. To look good and feel good, turn to ScrubBox – an online store for medical work clothes.

Additional Colorful Accessories

There are countless ways to be trendy at the workplace. For example, if you wear a watch, it will surely come into use at some point. To add style to your work uniform, you can customize the stethoscope, a hat and a tunic. Thus, they become unique, create a sense of style and break the atmosphere. There are creative ways to make your medical work attire look unique without breaking the hospital dress code.

It is common to have the doctor’s name written on his tunic. Sometimes the hospital logo is added. That is a good opportunity to break the stereotype and make your work clothes less strict and more personalized.

Smile! A smile is the best way to win someone over. Always wear it as part of your work clothes. It is your guarantee of success! Remember that safety and health in the workplace comes first. If you have specific requirements regarding this, you should not ignore them.

To Sum it All Up… 

Sometimes a certain color is required for your work uniform. That doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. On the contrary, you can always find a way to look fashionable and feel comfortable. At ScrubBox you will find medical uniforms made of high-quality materials. 

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