The humble origins of Jamie Vardy

Many people remember when Leicester City won a historic Premier League title in the 2015-16 season, which is an incredible tale in its own right. The website is for online betting Nigeria, and among its tons of features, punters can wager on all the exciting matches of the EPL.

There were many names that contributed to that incredible achievement. One of them is Jamie Vardy. He is a prolific goalscorer who scored tons of goals for Leicester during all the seasons he played at the squad. This of course also includes the one where they became champions. Wagering on the eventual winners of the EPL can also be done on 1xBet Nigeria, which is for great online betting opportunities.

However, what not many people know is that Vardy actually broke quite late in his life into professional football. His first professional football team was precisely Leicester, which signed him when he was already 25 years old.

A carbon-fiber specialist

The first attempts of Jamie Vardy to become a professional footballer came by approaching Sheffield Wednesday. The website can also be used to wager on this team. Yet, this squad rejected him due to his physical form.

Like most teenagers, at that time Vardy dreamed about becoming a world-class footballer. However, this rejection from Sheffield Wednesday hit him quite hard. Yet, he decided to continue working harder and harder in order to improve himself. However, at the same time, he also worked in a factory. According to Vardy himself, his job was that of a carbon-fiber technician. He managed to combine his factory work with physical training and non-professional football. The 1xBet platform can be used at any moment for wagering on the best goalscorers in the football world.

Climbing up the ladder

Finally, in 2007, Vardy secured a contract with a semi-professional English team. This helped him to slowly climb up the league ladder in England, until eventually reaching Leicester and even the national team. When visiting the website 1xBet – any football live stream can be watched, which also includes plenty of options from England.

In general, prior to joining Leicester City, Jamie Vardy played in the following teams:

  • Stocksbridge Park Steels;
  • FC Halifax Town;
  • and Fleetwood Town.

Leicester discovered him in 2012, after spotting his great talent while playing for Fleetwood Town. Eventually, the Foxes decided to approach Fleetwood and offer them a million pounds to secure Vardy’s services, which they accepted. The rest, as they say, is history. Right now, any football live stream can be watched through 1xBet, which can be enjoyed from mobile devices and desktop computers.

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