The Mayhem Burning Candles May Cause in Pet Homes

Burning candles are more often a sign of celebration and are known to usher in festive spirits—a splendid way to invite good times with your most lovable people around. However, a word of caution if your four-legged friends are a part of the party. Candles, essential oils, and lit incense are hazardous for your delicate fur babies.

Flaming candles pose a significant threat to your pets for two reasons. First, the toxic fumes emanating from combustion can be detrimental to their health. Second, the possibilities of your exploratory dogs or curious cats stumbling upon the lit objects are high, potentially leading to accidental fire hazards. None of the two scenarios seem to be inviting. Having cheap pet insurance can be one savior if things go haywire but prevention is better than cure.

Pet insurance lowers your financial distress and provides superior medical care for covered pet health conditions and emergencies. The pet insurance cost can be easily recouped when it helps cover emergency vet visits, medical prescriptions, diagnosis, and many services depending on the cover chosen. Choosing an economical and appropriate plan takes care of much of your pet’s health expenses.

How do burning candles affect your cat or dog?

Paraffin (a byproduct of petroleum) candles typically contain low-grade ingredients. As a result, the emissions resulting from burning such candles hampers the air quality. It pollutes the indoor air and induces breathing issues or aggravates any respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis, and other related issues in your furry mates. Significantly, the short-nosed and flat-faced dogs become easy victims in a contaminated ecosystem.

The telling signs of sensitivity in your pet

  • If your pet pal is sneezing or coughing in a space having a gleaming candle set up, it may point to irritation in your pet’s breathing apparatus due to foreign particles floating in the air.
  • Panting, gasping, and fast breathing are no good signs and may demand your pet’s evacuation from the hostile space and/or require immediate medical intervention.
  • Watery eyes and running nose are other tell-tale signs talking about the displeasure your pet is facing.
  • Rashes on the skin, redness or itching can be several other pointers that shout out to you about your pet’s annoyance with something floating around.

How do you make the area safe for pets in the household?

Go organic!

Rule out the paraffin wax candles from your checklist and add safer organic wax substitutes. Most common organic candles contain coconut wax, vegetable wax (produced from vegetable oils), soy wax (made from soybean oil), or beeswax. Such candles are pet safe and eco-friendly too.

Mild-scented candles!

Purchase moderately scented candle pieces. Pets find the smells more intense than humans, so it’s wise not to bombard their nostrils with heavily scented burning props around. Plus, some essential oils (it imparts the flavorful scent) used to make the candles are toxic for the pet palate.

Out of reach!

Place your essential oils and any oil burners as well as any lit items on an elevated place or other areas where they are least accessible for your fluffy mates. Cover the burning candles with guards, so the candles don’t fall off the stands or shelves.

Enhance ventilation!

Choose to celebrate in well-ventilated areas like outdoors or rooms with adequate open windows to lower the risk factors for your furball or doggy doo. Have a watchful eye on your pet antics through the eventful time.


Use small wax or battery-operated tealights instead of huge ones to minimize the perils in the pet household. Another option is to scratch out the wax candles from your décor list.

The mystical aura of glowing candles entices people into using them in almost every corner of their homes in the evenings or on specific days. No doubt they are beauties that add soul to a celebration, merriness to a holiday season, and joy to other special occasions; still, exercising care and caution when you have active pets strolling around becomes a must.

Look for cheap pet insurance to have a medical backup for your pet friends just in case injury or illness occurs with them. Today’s pet insurance cost is much more affordable, and pet insurers provide different levels of cover you can choose from. Knowing your pet well helps decide what level suits your fur baby the best!

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