Tips to Raise Your SMB’s Digital Game

The competition in the field of digital commerce has become insanely fierce. Simply being there and doing good business can no longer suffice and entrepreneurs need to take extra miles to bring all sorts of perks into their business and lure new customers. If you are wondering how you can boost your own business in order to stay on the top of your field, check out these tips.

Spread the word

Brand recognition is a big deal and if you don’t believe it, feel free to test this theory. Whether you would like to admit it or not, having heard the brand name before makes a huge difference when one is making a decision to buy a product. Of course, knowing a brand name for something negative will not help, but simply recognizing the brand exists will turn the tables into its advantage at least a little bit. We all like to experiment at times, but most of the time we spend in our comfort zone buying from familiar brands.

Publish quality content

Posting regularly on social media is important for maintaining your brand’s visibility, however, it is not only about when to post, but what to post, too. It probably happens to everyone that we “sacrifice” the content in order to honor the rate of posting. It is only natural to be at a loss of inspiration and have no idea what to post. This is the time we end up posting poor quality content. One way to avoid this is to be proactive and think ahead. When inspiration hits, be diligent and create as many posts as you think you can. This will serve as a backup for those days when you are feeling a bit under the weather and uninspired. At the same time, your followers will not have to suffer.

Make limited time offers

A good offer is something that definitely attracts a crowd. However, placing a time limit on the offers draws people like moths to a flame. The pressure that a time limit puts on people is just enough to make a potential customer decide whether or not the deal is worth it and they like the item enough to order it at that very moment. On the other hand, even if your target does not order the item immediately, they will remember that you had a great limited time offer and they will make sure not to miss it again.

Use modern product representation

When people are looking to buy something online, it is extremely important to them to avoid any contact with the actual store besides the visit to the website. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Sometimes the image of the product is not of high quality or people simply like to see what it would look like in their home or some other space they would like to put it. This is where augmented reality comes in. It enables you to view the item of your liking in your own surroundings – and in life size. This means you no longer need to visit the store physically just to see how something fits into the space. Now the users can see everything from their own chair and this is guaranteed to be much appreciated by buyers.

Form test groups for feedback

In order to know what your users would like, the best way is to go ahead and ask them. Believe it or not, it is that simple. However, asking just one person will not be enough for an unbiased opinion. This is why you should try your best to create a heterogeneous group that will be a good example of a random sample to test your ideas on. This is quite an effort, but it is beneficial in many ways. It will be a great mechanism to help you decide which changes to implement in the way you do business, as well as a way to test every new feature. You can also have multiple test groups, but one is quite enough for starters.

Personalize your emails

Developing buyer personas is mutually beneficial. On one hand, it allows you to clearly distinguish between target groups among your own set of customers which makes your product ordering and work organization much easier. On the other hand, it makes your customers feel special as they will be getting personalized emails and offers made “just for them”. This gives the feeling of intimacy between a user and a brand and it makes users become loyal to the brand and the product or service. Ultimately, it guarantees you one more loyal customer you can count on as a regular.

Customer service matters

When people tell stories about their experiences with strangers, they are usually most fascinated when people that do not know them can find a way to show affection or any spontaneous act of kindness. It is similar with businesses. People do not expect kindness or any heartfelt activities when it comes to interaction with businesses. You simply pay for the item or a service and the transaction happens – it is expected to be sterile. However, if you can find a way to express human emotion and affection to your customers as an entrepreneur, you will have opened a new chapter of business that is guaranteed to attract customers and make them stay, not only for the service, but for the humanity of the whole thing.

All in all, there is no recipe that is a hundred percent certain to succeed, there are a number of factors that influence the rating of a certain business. If there was a secret formula for making it, it would already be known to the whole world. Nevertheless, if you do follow these instructions, you will definitely be near the top. In addition, if you have good presentation and marketing, as well as a high quality product or service, there is nothing stopping you from being at the top of your domain.

Author Byline: Liam Collins is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast working at He spends most of his time reading and writing about the current affairs in the world of information technology. When he isn’t working, he likes going for long bike rides and walks in nature.

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