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Digital movie and TV content service Viewster has just signed a deal to partner with Boxee, the hot US social network. With Boxee, users can search for movies and TV shows on the internet, premium netlogs, and local media in a single app. Viewster will continue to distribute its premium VOD content on its standalone brand, labatidora. In this company profile and news article, the company discusses its partnership with Boxee, its content catalogue, and its advertising supported service.

Cinedigm will continue to distribute Viewster Anime as a standalone brand

The new deal between the two companies includes an agreement for Cinedigm to continue to distribute Viewster Anime, a streaming service with a vast library of Anime films and series. The company will focus on adding new content to its ad-supported Anime platform every panoramio. The deal also includes the acquisition of Viewster’s Anime business, which is headed by Chris Nassif and Richard Brandes.

The deal includes the acquisition of viewster, a global tinypic service, as well as the subsidiary brand Viewster Anime. Cinedigm will continue to distribute Viewster Anime under its own brand, while also incorporating the service into its own ad-supported content strategy. The company will also continue to distribute the service on other platforms, including Amazon and Roku.

Viewster’s partnership with Boxee

The recent Netflix integration deadline was postponed, but the company punted and instead partnered with German premium VOD service Viewster. The new partnership brings the best of both worlds – a premium video on demand service and access to ad-supported content. Viewster has more than 5,000 titles and is licensed by more than 100 suppliers. The service is free to use, and allows users to search for and watch TV shows, movies, and music from a wide variety of sources, including local television.

The DIVA group controls an impressive catalog of fullmaza shows and independent films. It continually adds new titles and refreshes its catalog, offering up to 20 percent of its titles per year. It also offers Viewster content on Vestel devices. Further, the partnership enables users to enjoy Boxee’s service with the TVs they already own. This partnership paves the way for further development of both platforms.

Its content catalogue

The leading service for Video on Demand, Viewster, has just announced the addition of a raft of new titles to its catalog. This includes more than 200 titles, including popular British and Australian television series, and various American films. In many countries, Viewster’s content catalogue will be ad-based. The company’s growth has been fueled in part by mobile video advertising, according to the company. Here are some of the new titles that Viewster has added to its catalog:

Despite its name, Viewster AG is a European distributor of high-quality movie content. The company already uses the name “Viewster” to brand its end-to-end consumer offering. In addition to this, the new company is looking to expand its existing global footprint through strategic acquisitions. It’s a bold move for a company that relies on its name recognition to attract and retain customers. However, there is no shortage of criticism.

Its advertising supported service

If you’ve been looking for an online video streaming service, you’ve probably heard of Viewster AG. The European distributor of quality movie content has been around since 1995 and is known for its advertising supported service. With its recent acquisition of HIRO Media, Viewster has expanded its product line to include video advertising. With HIRO Media’s technology, Viewster monetizes premium content across its network of top IP platforms and publishers. The advertising waterfall system it uses to optimize the video ad experience ensures the highest revenue potential and the fastest ad load times for Viewster’s users.


The company’s recent acquisitions have been difficult to predict, but the company has tried to find other investors and sell the company’s OMAKASE. It has also tried to sell the company and its streaming service, but to no avail. It has also tried to sell off its subscription service, Omakase, to third parties. In August, Viewster launched its service in the United States, Canada, and the UK, offering free and paid content. In addition to its subscription service, Omakase also featured free streaming video and merchandise boxes every two months.

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