Watches that Got Every Watch Lover Drooling

The average watch lover always looks for the next best thing to add to their collection. A watch is an accessory that has captivated and inspired the masses since time immemorial. It has a unique charm, which is why it has never gone out of style. Versions of vintage watches like pocket watches are still produced and sold by mainstream brands to cater to watch-lovers who have a taste for older designs. That is why watchmaking as a craft and watches as an accessory will always have their niche in society as a fine example of one of the best inventions of all time.

Watch lovers have varying tastes, but the commonality that binds most is how they like to own a model of the most popular and some of the most underrated designs in any given decade. Trends are fleeting, but how they influence the designs crafted in the years to follow can only be noted closely if you look at a watch lover’s collection. Therefore, some watches designs are a must-have for every watch lover’s collection.

Beyond the Black

When we look at watches, we often expect to see a plethora of designs that incorporate colours and contrasts within the very limited structure of a dial and case. This watch, however, takes the modern and minimalistic approach where black dominates as a primary shade all over the design and body. It can be considered a monochromatic piece, where the edge appears to have melted away into the straps for a liquid and luxurious feel. The silver watch hands and indices bring in the only pop of colour.

Symphony of Luxury

Some watches are designed to celebrate the exuberance that the craftsmanship of a good watch often entails, and this watch is a perfect example of the same. The very name does justice to this piece, as it combines some of the most regal and opulent colours to create a dazzling symphony of luxury. The blue dial is complemented by gold and silver Stainless Steel straps. This timepiece is a must-have for every man’s collection, and watches like these are hard to come by.

Elegant in Emerald

Watches are supposed to flatter ensembles and elevate their look, and this Raga watch stuns even from a distance due to its iconic design. This hue of green is considered one of the most universally flattering shades because of its cool tones and royal feel. The straps are an interesting milieu of green and gold elements which chain together to look like a beautiful bracelet that doubles as a watch.

Classy Chronograph

Chronograph watches are considered a prized collector’s item for watch lovers, and this watch will also strike your fancy. The mechanism and movement of this watch are exposed against the cool silver of the dial. The gears and case is washed in a golden hue that continues into chain-mail-inspired straps that offer a snug and comfortable fit for the wearer. These watches are a stunning ode to the craft of watchmaking, making them a must-have for your collection.

Golden Lights

Some watches are instant classics with good reason, like the Rose Gold models that became the benchmark of beautiful watches in the 2010s. These are a success in every market due to how lovely and flattering they are on every skin tone and ensemble. This iconic rose gold watch is a closet staple for many as it complements traditional, casual and workwear. It is also a monochromatic watch, where the same colour continues to the ends of the stainless steel straps for a stylish and cohesive look.

 Suave and Square

Round dials have always been the reliable and trusted style option for women regarding watch designs. However, a trend that has been forgotten since the onset of modern designs, the square or rectangular dial, has made a triumphant return to fashion. This watch is the perfect example of vintage class and elegance in a timepiece because of how well it can make you look stylish no matter where you are.

Watch lovers like to explore more designs and are eternally fascinated by how the limit for new ideas and designs doesn’t seem to exist. The magic of these watches is not just in how they function but in how they are styled and worn differently by their owners. Hence, to build your watch collection or to find the next best design, head over to trusted brands like Titan, who only promise the finest designs at the best prices.

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