What is the Difference Between a Tourist and an Adventure?

While a tourist seeks out unique experiences, a true adventurer will challenge himself in a way that a tourist may not. The degree of challenge can be varied; some people may balk at the idea of skydiving or trekking through a jungle at ground level. While some people find these activities fun and exciting, others may find them foolish, traumatic, or boring. The difference is mostly one of personal preference.

The difference between a backpack tourist and an adventure traveler is that a backpack tourist is less likely to expect luxury accommodations or a five-star restaurant experience. Backpack tourists are usually more frugal, and have different interests than an adventure traveler. Backpack tourists also carry their own luggage – not a luxury suitcase. They also carry clothes, shoes, and other essentials, including chargers and food for the day. They will also make sure they are available online with sim only deals on their phones.

A tourist tends to eat food that is familiar to them. A traveler, on the other hand, will try local fare to broaden his palate. He will eat different food from the touristy areas of a city. This allows him to gain a deeper understanding of the culture he is visiting. A traveler is also more willing to meet local people. Spain tourist attractions which can make the experience more fulfilling.

Adventure travellers tend to be well-heeled. According to adventure operators, an average trip costs USD 3,000 and lasts about eight days. A recent Intrepid report highlighted some of the reasons why adventurers pursue their passions. Among these are curiosity, decompression, and social media posts. These travelers may even be highly competitive if it means having the perfect adventure. So, what is the difference between a tourist and an adventure?

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