Why I Started Caring for Water Quality

We are privileged to live in a country where the government is concerned about giving citizens safe water by putting in place guidelines and regulations around water supply. So, just like my fellow country people, I was never bothered about the water I was using at home. I regarded the regular tap water as high quality since it was fulfilling my water needs as required. In addition, I wasn’t quite a water drinker. I rarely took tap water, and the bottled water I got from the office was enough for the day. The water at home didn’t raise a concern for me. Until one day, I made a choice to start a healthy lifestyle. I realized that drinking a lot of water was part of the journey, and that is when it dawned on me how important water quality is in our lives. Down the line, I have realized many other reasons why good quality water matters, which has made me particular about the water I use.

Improved taste

When I started taking a lot of water in a day, I realized that the tap water at home tasted bad. Buying bottled water wasn’t sustainable for me, so I had to look for an alternative. A friend of mine had installed a filtration system at home and she recommended it to me. That is how I had the reverse osmosis water filter installed at home. I couldn’t believe the instant change to the water taste. At last, I could enjoy a refreshing and better-tasting glass of water right from the tap. I was able to meet my daily water requirements without hurting the pocket or a bad taste in my mouth. I have moved cities, houses and started a family, and the importance of quality water has always been with me.

Safe water

Besides better-tasting water, I also had concerns over the safety of the tap water at home. It is true that the government does a good job in treating the water for the communities. At least, the risk of bacterial and other water-related infections is kept at a low level. However, chemicals and additives used in treating the water might remain in the water piped to homes. The water in the tap might appear safe, but small amounts of these chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine, and possibly other heavy metals might be present in the water. We can’t really rule out the potential dangers that these chemicals pose to our health every single day. Filtering the water at home eliminates the harmful chemicals, leaving clean and safe drinking water for my family.

Plumbing system and appliances maintenance

I have always disliked the white chalky deposits that hard water leaves on appliances. It makes it harder to clean on top of being unattractive to look at. The deposit is actually caused by minerals such as magnesium and calcium found in hard water. Over time, it builds up and becomes harder to remove. Likewise, the limescale deposits can build up in the pipes and cause some serious wear and tear to the plumbing system. Ever since I started using filtered water, I have seen how the washing machine, dishwasher and kettle and other appliances work effectively and break down less often than before.

Easier cleaning

Another thing I don’t like about hard water is how hard it is to clean. I had to clean more than I liked just to get rid of soap residue from the sink, tub, shower and fixtures. Another thing is that hard water is quite poor in lathering with soap, so I had to use tons of it to get cleaning done. Moreover, even after a good scrub and rinse, there would still be that unattractive and dull look left. I also noticed the same on clothes; they remained dull and gray after washing even after changing the soap brand several times. All that changed when I got a filtration system for the whole house.

Great savings

If you are buying bottled water for drinking, the cost can really add up. I cut down my monthly expenses significantly when I stopped buying bottled water. Plus, it helped me save the environment from plastic waste. In addition, soft water is easy to lather with soap, so it saves a lot on soap. Moreover, soft water is easy on appliances and plumbing systems, so I save so much on maintenance.


My biggest inspiration to start caring for water quality was to get clean and safe drinking water for my family and me. However, I have realized so many benefits of installing a water filtration system at home. I no longer have to clean over and over to get rid of soap scams, plus my clothes keep their color after washing. Moreover, there are great savings too.

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