Why is Diamond Jewelry the Most Highly Desired?

Diamond jewelry is the most desired jewelry in the world today for good reason. The value of these precious stones is hard to match. The same goes for their timeless appeal.

Diamonds are popular across various cultures around the globe. They symbolize wealth, luxury, and class. Solitaire diamond rings and metal necklaces with diamond pendants have been popular for a while now. 

So, it’s not surprising that diamond jewelry is the most enduring type of jewelry available. Records show that we discovered the first diamonds thousands of years ago. But, history can attest to the fact that cultural attitudes change over time. So why are diamonds popular even today?

Let’s find out why diamond jewelry is the most desired kind of jewelry in the world.

Timeless Wedding Jewelry 

Diamond jewelry is pretty much a staple in weddings across the globe. Since ancient times, people have associated diamonds with stability and loyalty. So, it’s not surprising that diamonds are a large part of weddings even today. 

For a wedding or engagement, solitaire diamond rings are a popular choice. Other options include diamond necklaces with platinum or silver bands. It helps that most diamond jewelry isn’t too flashy and blends well with almost all types of dresses. 

Wedding jewelry usually features simple elements that come together to highlight a single diamond, thus creating a statement piece. You can complement your diamond ring with earrings, a bracelet, and a pendant for your big deal.

Most leading diamond retailers offer you wedding jewelry sets in matching designs. This saves you the trouble of looking for each piece of jewelry yourself to match your engagement or wedding ring. 


There are many types of diamond jewelry available so the options can be overwhelming. You can look for different diamond cuts, shapes, styles, and more. You can even choose from mined and lab-grown diamonds for your special occasions. Lab-grown diamonds are an amazing product of modern technology, costing you only a fraction of what mined diamonds would cost.

Diamond jewelry can suit a variety of occasions. For everyday use, small diamond studs are perfect. Also, you have many choices with diamond cuts and shapes. There are cuts like princess, emerald, and oval, among others.

But, the classic round cut diamond seems to be the most popular choice. The round cut emphasizes the fire of the diamond, which is why it’s popular. But, round-cut diamonds are the most expensive.

Round cut diamonds are usually solitaire diamonds. The same goes for the princess cut. If you’re working with a budget, oval-cut diamonds would be a good option for an engagement ring.

They’re like round-cut diamonds in the sense that they have a soft shape. But, if you want a sharper shape, you can opt for emerald or pear cut diamonds. These diamond cuts aren’t very expensive and look great all the same.

You can wear them as rings or pendants. Some diamond jewelers add them to earrings as well. So, if you want diamonds for your wedding day, you can buy these in a set and it won’t cost you too much.

Exclusive and Unique

Throughout history, various cultures had unique notions about diamonds. The ancient Romans believed that diamonds were tears shed by the Gods. Some cultures even believed that diamonds were the splinters of stars.

Since diamonds aren’t easy to mine, they were an even bigger rarity back then than they are now. Diamonds may be readily available today, but that doesn’t mean they’re common. Even with the introduction of lab-created diamonds, these precious stones remain exclusive.

Diamonds are quite the status symbol among many cultures. Also, diamonds are popular as gifts for weddings and other life events. More often than not, people buy diamonds on special occasions since they are memorable gifts. This applies to consumers from more than one economic class.

People often attach sentimental value to diamonds for this reason. This is why it’s not uncommon to find people passing down diamond jewelry as family heirlooms. Besides, it helps that diamonds are durable and rarely show signs of damage.

To top it all, no two diamonds are the same. Each diamond has special internal inclusions. The same goes for their color. Since these properties are naturally-occurring, you can see why they’re desirable. 

Good Investment Option

Diamond jewelry is more than just a pretty accessory, it’s an investment. Diamonds last a lifetime or more and have good resale value. At times, you’ll find the value of your diamond jewelry increasing despite the recession, because of the precious metals used along with the diamonds.

Diamonds with exceptional cuts have the best resale value. This is why well-crafted diamonds are so expensive and brilliant round-cut diamonds are a great example.

If you want to buy diamond jewelry as an investment, you would need to buy diamond jewelry that’s the easiest to sell. The history of diamonds tells us that rarer diamonds are easier to sell. These diamonds hold their value well.

Colored diamonds are pretty rare which makes them desirable in many parts of the world. The same goes for high-quality white diamonds. The rarest diamonds in the world are red diamonds.

Also known as fancy colored diamonds, there are only 30 of these in the world today. These diamonds come from Australia, Africa, and Brazil. These diamonds contain pure carbon while others contain nitrogen and boron.

The prices for these diamonds start at $100,000, which is a pretty steep price. Other colored diamonds are great investments too, and not as costly. For instance, yellow diamonds cost a fraction of red diamonds and still have good resale value.

If you don’t want to spend too much on the diamond itself, consider the metal band of the jewelry you’re buying. Metal bands of gold and platinum have good resale value in the long run. You can buy diamonds with expensive cuts and precious metal bands.

But, whatever you buy, remember to check its certification. Buy diamond jewelry with GIA certification so you can be sure of its value. Opt for reputed jewelers to buy your diamonds from if you want to be sure of their authenticity.

Final Thoughts

The appeal of diamonds doesn’t look like it’s fading away any time soon. It’s a good thing, then, that there’s plenty of diamond jewelry to choose from today. There’s sure to be a piece of diamond jewelry that matches your style.

The good thing about diamond jewelry is that it’s rarely over-the-top but still makes a statement. So, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find jewelry that suits your style and budget.

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