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Many people may be experiencing skin problems. Today we will take you one step into another step of knowledge. that may improve the health of your facial skin ever Don’t delay, let’s get started. Have you ever noticed that our facial skin is dull? Why doesn’t it look as bright as before? For what reason? Have you ever wondered, girls? and one of the reasons that makes the skin look dull may be from choice Facial foam

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1. What is facial foam?

Or many people may be called Cleanser as a product that helps to clean the face, or in other words, it is to wash your face with facial cleansing products. It helps to remove dirt that is embedded on our surface, whether it is germs, dust and bacteria that we cannot see with the naked eye. Many times we tend to think that our skin is clean. therefore overlooking the use This important product Go back to using only plain water or clean water to wash your face instead. I have to say that it can’t completely remove dirt from the face. and on many occasions It turned out to be an injury to the face. by accident

2. Is the facial foam that I use is suitable for your skin?

When we get to know each other and say hello, I hope many girls will understand each other very well. and cleaning the face Well, after that, there’s always the next question that pops up in

Believe it or not, many young ladies, when shopping and looking for them, turn out to be looking at promotions. Looking at the brands, ingredients, must be things that we know, good things. In the end, we tend to overlook the suitability that can go together better than our facial skin. It’s not that those products are of bad quality. not standard but it may be that cleansing products purchased not suitable for skin type and the user’s problem Therefore, it is unable to show its maximum efficiency. Therefore, choosing to use that does not meet the purpose or is not suitable for the skin of the girls may be harming our own skin. So suggest that you should start looking. to show the importance of this better And let me tell you that you must not overlook this point, girls.

3. How to choose facial foam?

Many people may not be aware that there are actually different types of facial foam, but they often don’t understand why they have to classify and use facial foam. In fact, choosing the right type is essential. extremely because if used in the right type The efficiency will be better and how many types of cleansing foam are there? We have the answer.

General facial foam

Facial foam is generally considered a facial cleansing product. that we can see most of the products in the market ever Because there are many skin care brands coming down to this market. from small brands to big brands In general, it looks like “foam texture”. Generally, there are many formulas, including facial foam, sensitive skin, etc.

Facial foam (gel type)

The gel type looks like the name itself is that it has a “gel” appearance, which is usually gentle on the skin. There is usually a foaming cleanser formula, which is suitable for oily, sensitive and combination skin.

Cleansing foam-soap type

Soap is considered a cleansing product that everyone is well known for. Because it is considered a facial cleansing product that was born before other types even with a cheaper price than others, but choosing the right soap for our facial skin This is very important because some recipes tend to have a stronger ingredient strength than others. and tend to have a high “alkalinity” compared to other types of facial foaming products.

Facial foam-powder type

It can be called a face wash powder or a powder form. It is a particularly advanced innovation. Many people still do not know. or never seen before But among the girls who love to use products that come with new technologies do not miss to know and definitely try with you face wash powder no moisture in itself therefore keeping it for a very long time And if it hits the water, it will cause bubbles. Easy to use. Take care of the moisture to the skin. Suitable for cleansing the face of all skin types.

Creamy facial foam

Creamy facial foam It is a facial cleanser that lives up to its name. It will look like a “cream” that is gentle on the skin. And often have a foaming cleanser formula that can be suitable for dry skin, normal skin and sensitive skin.

believe that after you read until this line May cause the idea of ​​facial skin care in your head to change, increase knowledge, enhance understanding. that cleaning the face is necessary And especially if using products that can deeply cleanse the skin, it is necessary. Because facial skin must be cleaned properly and regularly, and it is important to choose products that are suitable for your skin type. Suitable for your skin problems. Only this way, you can be fully confident that Your face must be in better health than before.

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